Monday, February 8, 2010

Tips For Shampooing Your Unit.

• Wide tooth Comb
• Paddle Brush
• Sulfate Free Shampoo
• Conditioner
• Deep Conditioner

It is important to keep All our textures moisturized. Why you ask? The hair is no longer receiving the natural oils it once received from the donor’s head. When hair loses its moisture it will begin to dry our and split at the ends. Split ends can transform your beautiful wig from 20 inches to 14-16 inches in due time! Dry hair looks rough and damaged but hydrated hair looks healthy and beautiful!
First Grab Your Comb & Brush!

You can de-tangle in smaller sections(recommended) or larger sections if you prefer. But please note that if you have not de-tangled properly shedding and matting will occur. After your hair is brushed out you can now begin to wash! Please Do Not Detangle With A Fine Tooth Comb!

You cannot just wash your hair with anything! No Sulfate’s! & Please Chose Washing Agents that have Moisturizing Benefits.

It is VITAL to your lace wig hair that you use a Sodium Laureth Sulfate Free Shampoo! Shampoo’s that contain will DRY OUT YOUR HAIR! SLS is used in a lot of household cleaners and detergents. Around the house it is good get the oils off of counter surfaces but you should never want to strip hair of its own natural oils. If you feel that your hair has a lot of product buildup don’t resort to a harsh cleanser! Choose a Clarifying Shampoo or Do a ACV rinse (Apple Cider Vinegar) which is a cheaper option. Some women don’t like the smell so a clarifying shampoo works just as good. ACV rinses are based on a small part apple cider vinegar such as 1/4 a cup to a larger part 2 cups of water. ACV rinses are best done as the last step in your washing regime because they help lock in moisture. If done correctly your hair will feel very soft. You should condition before you do a ACV rinse. A conditioner rich in glycerin or “good” oils is best when deciding what kind of conditioner to get.


Glycerin is a humectants that retains moisture in hair and skin. When using glycerin based products on your unit. These Products that contain glycerin also contain other commonly known moisturizing products. Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera. Being one of the first five ingredients listed in our conditioner. You can make a leave in conditioner by diluting this conditioner with water and storing in a spray bottle for easy everyday use. This everyday mix can be used on all our textures to maintain moisture in the hair.

Deep Conditioners!

Deep conditioners & Silicon Mix are used after about 2 weeks after you receive your wig. They can be done once week depending on the type of results you would like your hair to have. Conditioners like this REVIVE the hair so should only be used when needed. Deep conditioners should contain the same ingredients as regular conditioners. Below is a descriptive list of what you want in a conditioner and what you don’t want. Silicon mix is a Dominican hair product famous for the way it silkens and softens the hair it is used in many Dominican salons. Like a deep conditioner it should only be used when needed and NOT everyday!

After DeTangling…Begin Washing!

1. When washing fill a bucket or sink with cool water.
2. Put desired amount of shampoo in the sink or bucket.
3. Let Sit for 15-30 mins.
4. Rinse the unit holding it by the hair and not inside the cap.
5. Fill Water in sink or bucket again.
6. Put desired amount of conditioner in the sink or bucket.
7. Let sit for 15-30 minutes.
8. Rinse the unit holding it by the hair and not inside the cap.
10. Let air dry.