Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lace Front Wigs can help you avoid this!!!

A HOT MESS! Naomi Campbell was spotted by a photographer with an unsightly but common hair condition - tension alopecia (this is very common).

Tension alopecia like Naomi's can result from too many months (or years) wearing tight ponytails, braids, braid-in and glue-in weaves as well as wigs that require harsh adhesives (with out the proper remover). Those adhesives and weaves may feel more secure at the time, but look at what they can lead to! A hot mess and that's no secret.

Poor Naomi. She does not have a clue. The fashion industry is tough - especially for a hot commodity working model like Naomi Campbell. Models are always having to do and re-do hair for photo shoots and shows as stylists are constantly in their hair. Don't worry Naomi... your hair will grow back in time. Just be gentle with it and good to your scalp! No more glue-ins or sew-in extensions for you. Try lace front wigs that Do NOT require tape or adhesive.

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